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Mushroom Capsules. Buy Space Cadet Capsule Online. Micro-dosing mushrooms have shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of undesirable states. Caused by conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and OCD.Buy Space Cadet capsules online at

This method of consumption also increases desirable states and outcomes, including Creativity, Energy, Productivity, and Focus. The Flow States, Better Relationships, experience, Personal Boundary Development, Athletic Coordination, and Leadership Development. To micro-dose, take one capsule of a space cadet and to take recreationally, take two/three. Follow our microdose guide here at

Each jar of Space Cadet capsule contains 11 – 30 capsules of 100% organic Psilocybin Vegetarian capsules.

Space Cadet capsule, ground control organic Golden teachers mushroom capsules. Also, Each capsule contains 300mg of  golden teacher psilocybin. Stores perfectly with a long shelf life.



Space Cadet is the perfect capsule for beginners and psychedelic novices ever known. It offers a calm-to-high psychotropic experience that almost anyone can endure especially beginners, even in very high doses. Space Cadets are completely spiritual, mind distortion, and also metaphysical in nature. You are given a gateway to the inner reaches of your spirituality and visual distortion. Also, a bridge connecting you to the deepest corners of the Universe so get your space cadet here at BUY SPACE CADET ONLINE

The majority of consumers have reported feeling connected in several ways to nature and their surroundings. Especially their inner minds. Most often It’s like the bonding of sorts where the essence of the universe pours into your consciousness.People also report feeling euphoric and spiritual intune. It is rendering you more receptive to its reverberations, perceptive, and shifts. In turn, you have to allow this feeling of supreme freedom and inner enlightenment to transform you from within. Which will be a powerful lesson you will not forget. So, therefore, in the next 3-7 hours, you will relish the unity of being, oneness with nature and the universe. ALSO


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